Email Signatures. A constant Marketing Solution

When creating an email marketing campaign for a client the other day a thought occurred to me. If email marketing is such an effective tool for staying connected with people that are interested in your products and services then why wouldn't we format our company email signatures for monthly, weekly or even daily specials or incentives that we are offering?

So the question was; if I have 10 employees that send email corespondences out on a daily basis and these emails are touching our prospects and people we do business with on a daily basis, why wouldn't we format our email signatures to reflect articles we were interested in or even code in special monthly deals that our customers might not know about otherwise.

The whole idea was to get our products and services in front of as many people and as often as possible. And so we decided to give it a try and low and behold we started to receive inquiries on the ads that were going out on our daily emails.

The idea has been a success so far and some our most respectable clients have adopted the custom email signature.

Email Signatures as marketing tool

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