About Signs and Banners

Adhesive Vehicle Decals

These can be any number of signs that companies or individuals design to stick on their cars. Some of the types of vehicle decal we see on a regular basis are die-cut decals, window decals, bumper decals, truck decals, vinyl decals and static decals.

Aluminum Signs

One of the most durable signs you can get aluminum Signs are ideal for outdoor placement and can be printed in full color. These signs are popular with our real estate clients.


Arrow signs are pretty much what you would imagine. Yes they are signs with directional arrows on them. These are typically made from durable materials because they are usually used for directing traffic in large parking lots.


Campaign signs are used to promote candidates on their race to election. These can be design and printed on any material, any shape, any size, any color.


Chalkboard signs are pretty self explanatory. You can have chalkboards in a variety of sizes mounted wherever you like.


Changeable sign are signs that allow you to change the content of your message when you see fit. These can range from a tent sign that has a giant pad of paper that you write on with a marker to track systems with interchangeable letters. One usually thinks of gas station prices!


When contract work is assigned, general contractors typically allow companies to advertise their services. There are multiple ways for construction companies to do this. You ever drive by a construction site and see the construction companies sign? Or how about the signs on the land moving equipment?


Corrugated signs are made from light weight cost effective plastic material. Some of the applications for this sign would be Tradeshows, Menu boards, Temporary and promotional signage, Special event signage, Indoor point-of-purchase signs, Directional and informational signs.

Dry Erase

These signs come in handy for those areas of the shop where there might be information that needs to be changed on a regular basis. Or how about a restaurant Specials menue?

For Sale

For sale signs are very important for people that need to sell stuff.


From "Do Not Block Garage" signs to "Parking Garage is Full" there are no shortage of signs made for the Garage business.


Hanging signs have a number of uses and can encompass almost all signs on this list. These signs could range from dynamic tradeshow hanging signs to storefront signs to supermarket aisle signs. They could hang from cable, chain or even string.


From intricate digital screen signs to neon to light box signs. There is a reason why so many companies have illuminated signs made. Its because of the impact. It really does say "we're here, check us out!". Just keep in mind that there is proper permitting involved. But an EGP Marketing specialist will assist you through the process.

...to be continued

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