new article posted about printing trends for 2013

InfoTrends has released its "U.S. Printing and Publishing Market Sizing report for 2008 - 2013." According to this latest research, continued decline is projected for the overall printing and publishing industries beyond 2010. While InfoTrends maintains that the economy will resume its recovery which began in the third quarter of 2009, it believes that the printing industry will remain in decline until at least 2013."While the overall economic downturn has certainly had a negative impact on the print industry, there are also new developments that are contributing to the decline of print as a primary medium of communication," according to the report, which cites the Internet, a proliferation of mobile communication technologies as well as social networking."These technology applications and new media alternatives pose a threat to print, particularly regarding marketing communications. In addition, e-presentment continues to impact statements, bills, invoices, and other transactional documents, and e-readers and other related technologies are impacting books and periodicals."InfoTrends notes several factors that "will help the industry maintain a certain level of vitality." These include new print applications, particularly those that employ variable data and personalization. "Already a highly relevant and effective form of communication, this will make print an even more powerful communications tool. Furthermore, technologies such as QR Codes and Augmented Reality are enabling print to become an interactive means of communication. We believe that these factors will contribute to keeping print alive in the years to come," according to the firm.Tim Coyle

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